Summer plans.

My employer has decided to give me an extended summer vacation in the form of a contract non-renewal. Consequently, my summer pursuits will be unburdened by professional development seminars and the like.

While I'll be returning to my previous career of sitting around drinking coffee freelance writing, other projects I'll be pursuing include:

Stay tuned.


2nd in my age group!

For a variety of reasons, the Achilles Nashville Hope & Possibility 5-Miler had a depleted field (plus at least one guy in my age group who beat me but didn't wear a timing chip).

Having said that, I got second in my age group. This happens so rarely: one other time. But I'll take it. I averaged 10:08 per mile, even though I switched to walk-run after three miles.

I must be getting better at this. I hope so. I'm running a full marathon in five weeks.


I thought about the word "transition" plenty today,because a) I was in a triathlon, and b) I was informed on Friday afternoon that my contract would be renewed (most likely ending my brief career as a teacher).

So, unlike my spotty triathlon career, I'm planning to practice the next transition.

Into the water.

Now seeing the folly of signing up for a lot of races before my first year of teaching is completed. Saturday is the Iron Nugget Sprint Triathlon, and I have not done a swim in the summer of 2015. (If there were regular readers of this blog--and the numbers do not reflect that that is the case--this would not be a surprising development.)

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.19.23 PM

The upside is that I have a wetsuit, and barring some kind of neoprene disaster, I can muddle through a half-mile swim without drowning.

I also have a good bike that was rebuilt last year. I rode it on January 2 (yes, it was warm that day) and maybe twice since then.


Now if I could get some sleep and workouts and rebuild myself.

The big hometown race.

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for what used to be called the Country Music Marathon. I ran the inaugural race in 2000 (when they only put on a full marathon), and Saturday was the second time I have run the half-marathon. Thoughts:

  • A hometown race can turn out to be expensive. This race had a two-day expo, so I thought I'd be saving myself time and money to go to the expo on Thursday. Wrong on both counts. Concerts by Barry Manilow and Neil Young in the two big downtown venues that night, and I had to paid $15 to park. Likewise, my raceday options were to park near the finish line for free and walk about a mile to the starting line, or park near the starting line (turned out to again be $15) and walk back to the car after the race. I chose the latter, which turned out to be fortunate, as a pretty heavy rain came down during what would have been my walk to the starting area. Really, should have taken an Uber both ways on race day.
  • Huge races are kind of a pain. The start time was supposed to have been 7:15, but there was a lightning delay, so the first corral started at 7:45. I was in the 30th corral, so I got to the start line at 8:30. My back hurt more from standing around for the better part of an hour than it did from the race.
  • Overcast race days are good. Sometimes this race has been unseasonably hot. Luckily, that was not the case this time. Stayed cloudy and never really heated up (at least not for the half-marathoners). I ended up missing my PR by just over a minute despite erratic training.
  • Sweet medal here. The "record" in the middle actually spins.IMG_2229


PR at 15K!

A few thoughts about running in general and the Purity Dairy Dash Smitty 15K in particular...

  • Running on greenways is really great, even when it starts to get a little hot.
  • Great medal.  IMG_2186
  • I hung out for the awards in the hopes that hardly anyone in my age group showed up. I was wrong about that.
  • I did the 2:1 run/walk the whole way and still ended up with a PR. Of course, it was only the second time I'd run that race distance. Certainly, when I get into race shape, this will improve, but I like the 15K distance.
  • If you are a dairy, and you are the title sponsor of the race, and you have promised ice cream to all finishers, do not run out of the ice cream before the people who have run the LONGEST DISTANCE are finished. No, the "we have chocolate milk and (non-dairy) popsicles over there" is not going to cut it. The thought of having a Nutty Buddy is what got me through the last mile of this thing at a pretty good clip. My guess is that the people who did the 5K and 10K and their kids were having 2 or 3 of everything. Come on, Purity! Next time you see this situation happening, call HQ and get a truck of Nutty Buddys and ice cream sandwiches there on the double!