The countdown.


Just saw a forecast for DC on October 29 (since the race is Oct. 30, and I'm writing this on the 19th, the 10-day forecast only goes to the 29th). What I'm seeing is a low of 48, high of 68.

Ugh. Too warm for marathon running. Not looking forward to that part of it.

Maybe there will be a cold front the night of the 29th. That would be helpful.

I have confidence!

Couldn't answer the bell Saturday morning for my group run but eventually woke up knowing that I had to run 20 miles that day. One last long run before the race.

I really wasn't sure that I could do it, since the last time I'd tried running that far, I crapped out before mile 17. I took the advice of my friend J. (with whom I'll be running the marathon) and decided to do 10 miles in the morning, and then 10 in the early evening.

Amazingly, I survived--and survived is the key word on the second run--because I needed to know just how tired and demoralized I tend to get late in races. But now that I've done that run, I know that I'll be able to gut out those last few miles, especially since I'll be running with a partner.

And, yes, unlike at any time during my training, I'm feeling confident that I'll finish the marathon and wear the medal like the one that eluded me four years ago.

(As for the video: I couldn't find a high-quality clip of "I Have Confidence" from The Sound of Music, so enjoy this clip of Julie Andrews' reminiscence of performing it in the movie:)



One month away.

This was going to be the race that I was completely prepared for. Then, three weeks ago, I hurt my back--which is to say, right about the time I should be maximizing my mileage, I haven't run at all.

The upside is that I've been doing weight work. Even though I was doing some core work a few weeks ago (which no doubt played a part in hurting my back), I feel like in some ways I will be in better shape than I was in June.

The downside is that I'm still overweight. I did not lose but instead gained weight over the summer. My weight has been right around 200 for the past few weeks. The low-hanging fruit (so to speak) of weight loss for me will be beer. I'm going to see if I can completely go without for the next month. What makes it slightly easier is that fall weather seems to finally be here. Summer would have been unbearable without beer. Yes, I wrote that.