PR at 15K!

A few thoughts about running in general and the Purity Dairy Dash Smitty 15K in particular...

  • Running on greenways is really great, even when it starts to get a little hot.
  • Great medal.  IMG_2186
  • I hung out for the awards in the hopes that hardly anyone in my age group showed up. I was wrong about that.
  • I did the 2:1 run/walk the whole way and still ended up with a PR. Of course, it was only the second time I'd run that race distance. Certainly, when I get into race shape, this will improve, but I like the 15K distance.
  • If you are a dairy, and you are the title sponsor of the race, and you have promised ice cream to all finishers, do not run out of the ice cream before the people who have run the LONGEST DISTANCE are finished. No, the "we have chocolate milk and (non-dairy) popsicles over there" is not going to cut it. The thought of having a Nutty Buddy is what got me through the last mile of this thing at a pretty good clip. My guess is that the people who did the 5K and 10K and their kids were having 2 or 3 of everything. Come on, Purity! Next time you see this situation happening, call HQ and get a truck of Nutty Buddys and ice cream sandwiches there on the double!

A deceptive PR.

PR at 15K yesterday, but it's only because I'd never raced that distance before. As though I needed a reminder of how out of shape I am, my mile pace of 12:20 is slower than my marathon PR pace of 12:14 (and that pace takes into account the fact that I fell apart in the last 5 miles of that marathon).

Still, it was a fun race with good swag. Nice medal, plus a plastic mug with a cup of hot chocolate and some chocolate fondue. And the fact that I ran 15K despite almost no running to speak of this calendar year was a good sign that with some consistency I could knock off my half-marathon PR in April.