I saw a great story online about how we fill up our time with distractions because it keeps us from doing what we know we need to be doing. I spent the past 45 minutes looking for it.


In part because of a death in the family, I have not been as active as I would like to have been recently. (Yes, yes, I know; excuses, excuses.)

I ran once when I was out of town, maybe two miles. I have also been eating as though I'd never get another meal for weeks.


This was a cake box. After the cake was gone, the box was filled with all manner of cookies and brownies, and sent home in a car with me. Yeah, it was full two days ago. There are two other people currently in the house, but I did the lion's share of the consumption here.

Oh, and I'm tired as heck. Despite the so-called summer vacation, I'm not getting much more than six hours of sleep a night.

Tomorrow? Doing a 14-mile training run. Like so many things this summer, this might not go well.


Though it would be of interest only to literature/humanities majors, I'm committing to reading at least the first volume of Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time/Remembrance of Things Past. It should also be noted that I've tried to read both Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov and James Joyce's Ulysses at various times in recent years only to give up on each before making it past page 15.

Paris* in the summertime.

My predictions from yesterday were only a little off. My transitions were way slower than I'd thought, and I fell apart a little bit on my run but was only a minute slower than my predicted time. The bike, which was actually 14 miles instead of 13, as I'd originally thought, was 9 minutes slower than my prediction.

Total time was 1:47:29.

Swim went a little better than I thought. I did more freestyle than I expected I would, but I did quite a bit of breaststroke. At no time did I feel freaked out by the distance, which is a great thing.

Personal observation: 2016 is the Summer of Sweat for me. I have sweated more this summer than any summer I remember in my life.


*Paris, Tennessee. Technically, Buchanan, Tennessee, home of Paris Landing State Park.

Prediction for tomorrow: 500 yard swim time, 15:00; T1, 1:15; 13-mile bike, 45:00; T2, 1:00; 3-mile run, 33:00. So that puts me at a total time of 1:33:00 or thereabouts. Really, the swim might be even slower than that.