First race of the year.
One month in.

22 days straight.

I am doing John Bingham's 100 Day Challenge, seeing as how I have a bad tendency to let all training slip by the wayside far too often. More days than I'd care to admit (especially after sleeping through Saturday morning running group), I've had to take the dog out walking late at night. But so far, I've colored the first 22 blocks on the shoe in--I ran a very slow 5K on December 31, so I had a head start on this New Year's resolution of sorts.

Link to PDF of shoe chart

Note of irony: I've lost most of my holiday-gained weight by going alcohol-free this year. Tonight, I tried to buy some O'Doul's Amber, just so I could have something beer-ish-tasting. Got carded (of course), then the cashier pointed out that my driver's license had expired. She couldn't sell it to me. "Even O'Doul's?" I said. She said, "No, because there's a small amount of alcohol in it."

Imagine that. Fifty-five years old, and I get carded. And since it's expired and therefore invalid, I suppose (ahem) that I used a fake ID.



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