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May 2017

Second* in my age group!

Last night, I had to buy my son some running shoes before his "swab summer" at the United States Coast Guard Academy. While we were there, I saw a registration table for today's Girls On The Run 5K.

My Saturday running choices were as follows:

  • Run with my normal running group, a 20-minute drive away from my house, already paid for, at 7am, or;
  • Pay $40 to run this 5K at 8am, a 10-minute drive.

I paid and slept longer.

Worth pointing out that last week's Saturday weather was brutal, and today's was gloriously cool--30 to 35 degrees cooler than a week ago.

Seeing as how this was an event primarily aimed towards beginning female runners, I'd hoped that nobody else in my age group would show up. (That is my ongoing strategy to get onto the podium.) I ran a decent race, just under 30 minutes. By no means a PR for me, but better in this very slow year.

After I saw the results printout at the race site, I was under the impression that I'd finished fourth in my age group. Oh well. Still a respectable race for me. I don't know if they were actually having an awards ceremony, but it looked like I wouldn't be getting anything, even if they did. I went home, showered, then went to watch some tennis.

Then, this afternoon, when I went to look up the official results, I saw that I was second in my age group!

* Two in my age group placed in the masters and grandmasters divisions and therefore were not counted in with the rest of the 55-59 age group. So, yeah...fourth in my age division. Out of four. Hey, I was faster than everyone who was still at home, in bed or drinking coffee (also great options).