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July 2017

Hot 'Lanta.

I have to say that, despite my general disdain for large races, I once again raced the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta with 59,999 other folks. My thoughts:

  1. This is possibly the best organized race anywhere. For starters, I had my packet mailed to me so that I didn't have to go to the expo.
  2. Good swag (finisher t-shirt, always the coveted item, given out in an organized fashion at the finish; Whole Foods postrace box of a packet of nuts, a Clif Bar, and Dang Coconut Chips, toasted cacao flavor; and for extra $--and yes, I did spring for these--another shirt, sent months before the race, and a finisher's medal, strangely mailed a few days before the race)
  3. Efficient wave start
  4. Sufficient water stops
  5. Various mist sprayers and sprinklers
  6. Fans all along the course, some handing out ice pops, bottled water, etc.

My run was pretty slow, as expected (there was a high alert heat warning), but pleasant, not terribly crowded after the first half-mile or so. I clocked along at about a 12-minute pace early but slowed down to walk through all water stops and drink slowly.

I should add that I had the luxury of friends dropping me off and picking me up near the start and finish. So that was nice.